The BFoV Newsletter is published quarterly. It comprises the main association Newsletter, together with a supplement containing news and commentary on current events in Vanuatu. This site will at all times display the current version of the Newsletter and News from Vanuatu.

For members already issued with username and password for members-only access, to view either of these publications simply click the button below.

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More than 45% of association resources are currently spent on stationery and postage costs. If you are content to read and / or download the Newsletter and News from Vanuatu from this website, or if you are content to receive the news from Vanuatu by email attachment, rather than receiving the hard copy paper version delivered to your home in the post, please send an email confirming your willingness to so. A user name and password will be issued immediately on request. The more we can reduce distribution costs associated with the Newsletter, the more money we have available for BFoV-funded scholarships and other useful causes.